'Anguilero 1'

Copyright © Ian Gracey 1980 - 2012


I guess rocks could be considered to be the opposite in nature to water.

Rocks are solid and real. They are tangible, structured and something that you can grasp.

My expression of rocks through photographs, varies from wide open landscapes through to close up abstract images which aim to reflect their colour and design.

I enjoy walking in the mountains especially where the cliffs meet the sea. What attracts me is the contrast between the two.
I am drawn to the line where they meet, the edge, the divide, the friction between the two.

I have been a rock climber and a caver, both activities have created  physical and mental challenges in relation with rocks. I believe that these activities have allowed me to gain an insight into rocks and their nature. There is the creation of a bond, a transfer resulting in a different level of awareness regarding rocks.

Ian Gracey.